I make icons for my generation – in that we are psychologically complicated, troubled, ashamed, and insecure. We struggle to find the sobriety and courage to turn our true faces to God in faith. The Church’s icons are here to help us in this struggle.

I am an American iconographer based in Austin, Texas with my wife and children. I am currently enrolled in the 3-year Icon Painting Programme with the Prince's School of Traditional Arts in the U.K., studying under Aidan Hart. I also previously studied with Vladimir Grygorenko in Dallas. I am a tonsured reader at my parish of St. John the Forerunner Orthodox Church in Cedar Park, Texas. In addition to working on icons, I work at a church architecture firm.

I am now accepting commissions for icon panels (painted using traditional egg tempera with earth and natural pigments) for individual families, parishes, and monasteries. If you would like to discuss a potential project, or simply say 'hello,' please use the email form on the contact page. 

I ask for your prayers,


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